Confession: I’m not a great photographer.  But I do love taking pictures.  Seeing the world through a singular frame, trying to tell a story with just a click.

We travel a lot so most of my best photos are from places we’ve explored.

Journey to Asia

In 2010 we took a three month journey to Asia.  We visited Japan, Bali, Hong Kong, Singapore, and much of China.  Our kids were ages 4 and 7.  They loved the trip!

Cultural Corridor along the Costa Rica Caribbean Seacoast

In 1994-5 I lived in a tiny village in southeastern Costa Rica, near the rough outpost of Matina-Bataan.   I was doing research for CATIE, working with indigenous people and building market linkages in the exploding organic cacao (chocolate) market.  This part of Costa Rica is a lot more like Nicaragua and a lot less like the “beach and tropical rainforest heaven” many travelers associate with Costa Rica.  The poverty and political oppression that stifle the region stem from decades of racism: a majority of the population are Afro-Caribe.costa-rica-map

After not traveling to Costa Rica for  20 years I returned with a Creative Startups and UNCTAD project in 2014.  The goal was to build a Cultural Corridor that would attract tourists and increased incomes through showcasing the rich cultural, natural, and creative offerings of the region.  We connected creative entrepreneurs to the universe of digital tools that small business owners benefit from, teaching classes on DropBoxFacebookTripAdvisor, and LinkedIn.  The project worked with over 70 local entrepreneurs.

The photographs I took celebrate the beauty of the people and their place, their culture, and creativity.

Camino de Santiago, Spain

In 2013 we walked the Camino de Santiago.  While my husband Trevor walked the entire 530 miles, the kids and I joined him in Sarria and walked the last 70 miles, which anointed us true “peregrinos”.

Spain, Mi Querida España

My first experience living abroad was in 1992. I spent a year in Sevilla, Spain.  The World Expo and the Olympics had just put Spain on the creative economy map but communities were struggling: unemployment in Andalucia was at 25%.

When my husband and I returned in 2000 to Spain the nation had changed dramatically.  And in 2013 when we spent 4 weeks in north central Spain and then 2 weeks walking the Camino de SantigoEspaña seemed to be enjoying an economic renaissance.

Cultural and Natural Wonders of Hawaii

Our family visited Hawaii in 2012 and were delighted by the resurgence of Native Hawaiian culture, and of course, the exceptional beauty of the islands.